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Register your Domains with us in total confidence.

A South African registered Dot CoZa Domain is the ideal corporate solution for businesses targeting the South African markets and for having a local identity.

If you are considering targeting overseas clientele it could be an advantage to register a Dot Com Domain. We can source the most competitive rates for these Domains and ensuring your full ownership.

Remember that it is advisable to have a Primary Domain Name registered in your company's registered name or the name that your company is identified by. A secondary Domain Name is always a very good business solution to have, targeting for example your service or product.

A typical solution for a company or business that manufactures pencils and is registered as ABC Pencils Inc. would have:
Primary Domain Name:                www.abcpencils.co.za 
Secondary Domain Name #1:       www.pencils.co.za
Secondary Domain Name #2:       www.leadpencils.co.za 

All the Domains could either point at the same Web site or be set to point at various pages within a server network to gain maximum exposure of the company's service or product.

Register Domains now. If you do not, your competitors will!

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