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Many questions arise before, during and after the construction of a Web site.  We have come up with some of the most important to give you some assistance.  Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may need answered.


 Before the construction of a Web site
 After the construction of a Web site

 How much will it cost to have a Web site?

Although many Web Design companies will have you believe that it is expensive to have a Web site, it is actually quite the opposite.  We offer affordable prices for both the small and large business.  Contact us for a free quotation.

 Will my business profit from having a Web site?

Internet presence is an addition to your present marketing philosophy. You must be aware that your Web site has also to be advertised and seen on the Net.

 How do I choose a domain name for my Web site?

Begin with your Primary Domain name. Register a Domain that is the recognised registered name of your company or a name that everyone associates with your business. It is also wise to consider secondary Domain names that the public may associate with your business such as the name of the product you actually sell.

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 How do I get visitors to my Web site?

Advertise your Web site, list your site in as many search engines as possible that are actually relevant to your business. Always consider listing on the major search engines initially such as Google. Ensure that your web developers optimise your site for primary and secondary keywords.

 How can I keep track of who visits my Web site?

Place a site counter on your Web site. There are many Free Counters that can be downloaded off the Net. Unfortunately there is also a growing tendency for the Free counters to become "Paid" counters, be aware of exactly what you are getting.

 How much will it cost me to make changes to my Web site?

We at Cape Web Design offer free text changes to your Web site and free image changes up to 1 hour labour. We charge for labour time after the 1 hour and negotiable costs for re-design or additions to  your Web site thereafter.

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